Solving The Dilemma

The challenge in footwear design has been achieving the perfect combination of cushioning, flexibility, and a low profile, with genuine protection from impacting forces. Material limitations create this dilemma for footwear designers, which are often forced to make compromises.

The human foot is made up of dozens of small bones, tendons and ligaments; all subjected to immense force with each stride.  Next, add in pressure points from uneven ground, jagged terrain or cleated footwear.  Then consider we subject our feet to these forces upwards of 10,000 times day! The results of these impacting forces are repeated micro-traumas, which lead to injury and fatigue.

Unlike regular insoles, which use cheap foam glued to a rigid arch, SHOKBLOX™ addresses the ENTIRE foot with our patented impact grid that protects and moves perfectly with your foot. All combined with a premium top layer to create the ultimate in comfort and performance.